Q: What is Too-do?

A: Too-do is a way to set and achieve your goals with the added accountability from friends(Who you should send a big thankyou note to by the way! Better yet, buy them a nice lunch!).

Q: When/how will my nominated friends be notified if I don’t achieve a task?

A: We will email your friends if you do not achieve your task by the time you have set yourself. Just keep on schedule and your friends won’t hear from us.

Q: Will more functions be added? I have some feedback and some cool ideas.

A: Absolutely! We are working hard on making this a life changing tool. Any and all feedback can be sent to us. Email away!

Q: Can I change my mind about the goals I set?

A: Yes, but consider staying the course. You did think it was an important goal after all.

Q: What happens once I have achieved all my goals?

A: Have a breather, celebrate, and then set some more!